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Catholic Truth Society, publishers to the Holy See

The Catholic Truth Society is a unique Catholic Charity publishing non-stop since 1868. With its mission to communicate the truths of the Catholic faith, CTS is one of the oldest and most inspiring Catholic organisations existing today. The CTS publishes books and resources that Catholics need to help them gain a deeper understanding of their faith and to share it with others.



Misericordiae Vultus by Pope Francis

misericordiae-vultus.jpgFrom the beginning of his Pontificate, Pope Francis has made it his priority to carry God’s mercy to the whole world. The Holy Father encourages us to reflect on the spiritual and corporal works of mercy and to place a renewed emphasis on the Sacrament of Reconciliation so that the witness of believers might grow stronger and more effective. Throughout the world, the faithful will be able to avail themselves in a particular way of God’s “merciful indulgence”  so that “the time of grace offered by the Jubilee Year will make it possible for many of God’s sons and daughters to take up once again the journey to the Father’s house.”

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Lumen Fidei by Pope Francis

lumen fidei.jpgLumen Fidei, the first Encyclical Letter of Pope Francis comes at the end of the Year of Faith which has been a great moment of reflection for all Catholics on what it is that we believe.

The Holy Father issues an urgent call to all the faithful "to see once again that faith is a light, for once the flame of faith dies out, all other lights begin to dim." (Lumen Fidei 4) Click here to go to the CTS website to order a copy of this booklet.





Evangelii Gaudium by Pope Francis

evangeilii gaudium.jpgPope Francis encourages every Christian to rediscover the joy of a personal encounter with Jesus and then to engage with renewed vigour in the mission of spreading that joy of the Gospel and becoming spirit-filled evangelisers.

The Holy Father puts his vast pastoral experience and the outcome of the Synod on the New Evangelisation in 2012 at the service of the whole Church and encourages every member of the Church to act on this renewed priority for the Church: “I want to emphasise that what I am trying to express here has a programmatic significance and important consequences. I hope that all communities will devote the necessary effort to advancing along the path of a pastoral and missionary conversion which cannot leave things as they presently are.” (EG 25) Click here to go to the CTS website and order this booklet.




Staff & Associates of the School of the Annunciation

The Joy of the Gospel by Petroc Willey & Barbara Davies

the joy of the gospel.jpgThis excellent guide, read alongside Pope Francis’ Evangelii Gaudium, helps us to pray and meditate on its meaning in the light of Scripture and Tradition. This meditative approach facilitates an encounter with Christ so that we are responsive to his call to ongoing conversion, and a deeper reception of his love. The Guide draws on Scripture, short references to the liturgy, the lives of the saints, papal teaching, and the Catechism.

The approach is very practical, reflecting on short excerpts from the document, and their practical illustration in the life of Saint Francis of Assisi, Pope Francis’ namesake; and through questions for reflection. For use on one’s own, or in small groups. Click here to go to the CTS website and order this booklet.




Who is the Devil? What Pope Francis Says by Deacon Nick Donnelly

who is the devil.jpgTo the surprise of some, Pope Francis has devoted considerable energy in exhorting the faithful to take the devil seriously. In his homilies, speeches and writings he has made clear that while we need not be afraid of the devil, his activity today can be readily identified.

The Christian’s task is to unmask and counter this activity, with vigilance, prayer and mercy. Our Easter renewal of Baptismal promises is no theatre but involves a radical rejection of Satan and all his works and empty promises. Click here to go to the CTS website and order this booklet.




 Meet Jesus With Pope Francis by Deacon Nick Donnelly

meet jesus with pope francis.jpgWhat can Pope Francis’s personal experience of Jesus Christ teach us?  Especially those who feel far away, distanced, even excluded from any relationship with God?  In down to earth, straight-talking language Pope Francis’s shares his approach to life and daily living with a merciful and life-giving God. We need to understand ourselves and our purpose, to face suffering without fear, and to take a number of honest and practical steps to find the promised happiness we long for. Click here to go to the CTS website and order this booklet.





Stations of the Cross with Pope Francis by Deacon Nick Donnelly

stations of the cross.jpgAmid all the sound-bites and comment on the words and actions of Pope Francis, this booklet invites you to stop and pray with the Pope and truly understand his message of love and mercy. These meditations on the Passion of Christ offer, in the words of Pope Francis, not only a deeply prayerful journey along the Via Dolorosa, but valuable insight into the mind and heart of the recently elected Holy Father. Click here to go to the CTS website to order this booklet.






 Praying the Rosary with the Saints by Deacon Nick Donnelly

praying the rosary with the saints.jpgThe Rosary contains the essence of the Gospel, particularly with the new Mysteries of Light, which enable us to meditate on the public ministry of Jesus. This way of prayer has been loved by countless saints, who found it a genuine path to growth in holiness, offering them and us a privileged means for daily conversation with the Lord. Our communion with the saints joins us closer to Christ. They appeal to so many of us because of the love, truth, and sincerity of their lives. In their personalities and actions we see a reflection of the face of Christ, and in their words we hear his voice speaking to us. This booklet enables us to pray with them to Jesus, with Mary. Click here to go to the CTS website to order this booklet.




Prayers for Grieving Parents by Deacon Nick Donnelly

prayers for grieving parents.jpgThis book of prayers, practical advice, meditations and services has been written for parents whose child has died through miscarriage or stillbirth. It offers sound advice on dealing with grief, what practical steps can help, and articulates with great sensitivity the answers to the many burning questions of faith that such a loss can provoke. It will also assist those ministering to parents. Click here to go to the CTS website and order this booklet.






Living with Illness and Suffering by Deacon Nick Donnelly

living with illness and suffering.jpgThis booklet of practical advice, discernment and reflection, meditation and prayer, has been written for people coming to terms with chronic illness and other conditions - long-term sickness, disability, grief, depression, anxiety and other forms of suffering.This timely exposition of the Catholic understanding of the dignity and value of each life eloquently answers today’s vocal minority who press for easy answers, including assisted suicide. Accessible and thorough, this text has been written with great compassion and insight. Nick Donnelly, married to Martina, is a Deacon of the Lancaster Diocese and himself suffers from chronic illness. He has edited and authored several titles for the CTS, including Prayers for Grieving Parents and other titles on the Rosary. Click here to go to the CTS website to order a copy of this booklet.




Facing Difficulties in Christian Family Life by Peter Kahn

facing difficulties in christian family life.jpgEvery family faces times of difficulty which can place a strain on relationships and make life seem unbearable. Whether the problems stem from money, illness, addiction, the relationship between spouses or between parents and children, hope can be found in the love that Christ manifests to all of us no matter what problems we are experiencing. Using real life examples Peter Kahn gives words of practical advice and encouragement. Click here to go to the CTS website to order a copy of this booklet.






Passing on Faith to your Children by Peter Kahn

passing on faith to your children.jpgAt baptism a very great task is entrusted to parents by the Church: namely to pass on the living faith to their children.What does this involve, and how can parents work together to meet their responsibilities. This booklet explores what kind of faith we are to pass on to our children, and then gives practical help on how to best give children a positive, rich and complete experinece of Catholic Christianity. Click here to go to the CTS website to order a copy of this booklet.






 A Catholic Prayer Book by Amette Ley

a catholic prayer book.jpgChristian prayer is always an encounter with God.  Drawing from a rich treasury of prayer spanning the Old Testament, the Fathers of the Church and the great saints of the Middle Ages, down to more recent times, this newly edited collection will help those seeking a fuller prayer life.

Often too unsure to know how to pray for ourselves, the Holy Spirit helps us in our prayer as we bring our needs before the Father.

Contains a wide variety of prayers to accompany us through the day, with well known Catholic devotions, suited to both private and shared settings. Click here to go to the CTS website to order this booklet.



 A New Companion to Lent by Fr. J. Bertram, Fr. T. Finigan, Fr. R. Rutt, Fr. R. Whinder, A. Ley.

a new companion to lent.jpgWith personal and heartfelt conversion at its centre, this booklet unpacks the Lenten practices of prayer, fasting and almsgiving in preparation for Easter. Drawing from centuries of Christian spirituality and insight and offering practical and realistic advice for people of today, this Companion also offers advice on how to make a retreat, a good confession, and how to grasp some of the key scriptural themes of Lent and Holy Week. Click here to go to the CTS website to order a copy of this booklet.





 Catholic Social Teaching: A Way In by Stratford Caldecott

catholic social teaching a way in.jpg‘The Common Good’, ‘option for the poor’ ‘subsidiarity’- concepts like these have become part of the currency of Catholic teaching, but what do they mean? What are their foundations in scripture and tradition which make them distinctively Catholic? This book examines key aspects of human social relations such as the family, the state and civil society, the world of work and justice. It explains in clear language how a conscience informed by divine revelation brings out the true human vocation to love of God and neighbour. The author highlights the particular contribution of Pope John Paul II. In an increasingly materialist, individualist and utilitarian world this book opens up a rich heritage of teaching and reflection.Click here to go to the CTS website to order a copy of this booklet.




 Fruits of the Spirit by Stratford Caldecott

fruits of the spirit.jpgThis booklet explores the imagery of trees and fruitfulness in the Bible, and offers a sketch of Christian morality based on the relationship of spiritual fruits to the four cardinal virtues and the three theological virtues. The result is a kind of rough map, a guidebook of sorts to a life in the Spirit, inspired by teachings that we find in Holy Scripture and in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.Click here to go to the CTS website to order a copy of this booklet.






Catholicism and Other Religions by Stratford Caldecott

catholicism and other religions.jpgIn a world which often seems divided between those who believe in a higher being and those who reject God and all religions, it is increasingly important for people of faith to learn to speak and work together.This booklet explains what the Catholic Church intends by interfaith dialogue, what she thinks of the truth of other religions and the different questions that different religions exist to answer. The most important related texts from Church documents are also included for easy reference.Click here to go to the CTS website to order a copy of this booklet.





Understanding the New Age Movement by Stratford Caldecott

understanding the new age movement.jpgThe New Age Movement is regarded by many Christians as a growing threat to traditional beliefs and practices. Why are so many people attracted to astrology, reincarnation and magic, to spiritualism and goddess-worship, to new cults and old heresies? This clear and thoroughly researched text explores the meaning and direction of the New Age Movement in relation to Catholic teaching, and asks how Catholics can best respond to the challenge it represents. Stratford Caldecott is the author of Catholic Social Teaching: A Way In. Click here to go to the CTS website to order a copy of this booklet.





The Call to Evangelise by Fr Anthony Doe

the call to evangelise.jpgAre you prepared to evangelise, to communicate the gospel to others? Amid the numerous urgent calls today to do so, many may find themselves spiritually bankrupt, unable to ‘move towards others’ with a genuine experience of God’s forgiveness, mercy and joy.

This text’s proposal for true intimacy with the person of Christ is both highly instructive and encouraging. To be genuine witnesses, disciples in today’s fractured and wounded world must make space for contemplative prayer and for a tangible, living personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Click here to go to the CTS website to order this booklet.




True Love - Passion & Purity by Fr Anthony Doe

true love passion and purity.jpgThis booklet helps the reader gain an insightful understanding of our deepest need to love and be loved, and what place our sexuality has in this important aspect of our lives. The radical inner conversion required by the Gospel joins together the physical and spiritual aspects of the love which God himself has planted in each of us. Fr Doe shows the power Christ has to heal our fragmented sexuality and inner life, and help us to recover chastity of heart. Click here to go to the CTS website to order this booklet.