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at Buckfast Abbey - Devon


Foundations of Philosophy for Faith

4-day summer-school and course taster

An introduction to Catholic philosophy at Buckfast Abbey

Monday 24th - Thursday 27th July 2017

Cost:  £345, full board at Northgate, the beautiful guest house at Buckfast Abbey

Do you find yourself in an age of cultural fragmentation and even conflict regarding what ‘philosophy of life’ to follow?  The Catholic faith is a ‘philosophy of life not made by human hands’, given to us ‘from above’ in the Self-Revelation of our Creator and Redeemer God.

The Catholic vision is one of the human person created with a mind and heart that can seek after God and find Him, ultimately in Christ. That vision holds that our God-given ability to reason can, when authentically cultivated, help us answer key questions on truth, the meaning of human existence, goodness and the right way to live as individuals and as a society.

This Summer-School acts as a ‘course taster’ for the 1-year online course with the same title for those who find they want to continue to examine these vitally important areas in the relationship between faith and reason, Catholic teaching and philosophy.

Dr Andrew Beards leads the teaching team for this course. 

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