School of the Announciation - Centre for the New Evanghelism School of the Announciation - Angel Statue
at Buckfast Abbey - Devon



 4-day summer school at Buckfast Abbey

 Paul addresses the Athenians in the Areopagus, by Raphael, 1515

Thursday 24th August - Sunday 27th August 2017

Cost:  £345, full board at Northgate, the beautiful guest house at Buckfast Abbey

A quick search of the internet shows that ‘Catholic Apologetics’ is once again a very hot topic. In a world of instantaneous communication, people want answers to pressing questions about the rights and wrongs, the truths and falsehoods, of the various ‘life options’ and ‘philosophies of life’ that jostle for our attention.

The Catholic faith is often questioned and probed by our mass media culture, sometimes out of curiosity, sometimes out of hostility. But, as ever, we are called by the Holy Spirit to give an answer to the varied questions we are asked. As St Peter writes, ‘Always be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks the reason for the hope that is in you’ (1 Peter 3:15).

In this summer school we will look at ways of responding in Christ’s love to some of the questions which arise for Catholics today.

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