School of the Announciation - Centre for the New Evanghelism School of the Announciation - Angel Statue
at Buckfast Abbey - Devon


Discover the Old Testament

 4-day summer school at Buckfast Abbey

 Scenes from the Old Testament, Cathedral of Monreale, Sicily

Thursday 24th August - Sunday 27th August 2017

Cost:  £345, full board at Northgate, the beautiful guest house at Buckfast Abbey

Is the Old Testament a ‘closed book’ to you? Do you get lost when you hear some of it at Church and wonder how it all fits together? Do you wonder how it is relevant to faith in Christ?

Would you be challenged by the statement that, without appreciating the Old Testament you can’t in fact truly appreciate Christ?

If you have nodded your head to any one of these questions – or perhaps to more than one – then this summer school is for you!

This mini-course will open your eyes and indeed your heart to hear and respond to the word of God which is the Old Testament. It will help you understand how in its history and sequence this ‘library of books’ tells us the story of this crucial part of the ‘history of salvation’, the story of God’s redemptive and passionate love for His chosen yet sinful people.

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