School of the Announciation - Centre for the New Evanghelism School of the Announciation - Angel Statue
at Buckfast Abbey - Devon


Science and Religion

 4-day summer school at Buckfast Abbey

God as Architect

Thursday 27th - Sunday 30th July 2017

Cost:  £345, full board at Northgate, the beautiful guest house at Buckfast Abbey

Does science show we don’t need God any more? Does an up-to-date view of the world show Christianity to be superstitious myth? Isn’t it true that evolution means the Bible and its religious beliefs are so much nonsense?

How does Catholic faith, theology and philosophy help us respond to these challenges to new evangelisation, challenges which seem so ‘obvious’ to our media saturated societies?

This summer school will open up new perspectives for you and help you to see that, from the viewpoint of authentic Catholic teaching, theology and philosophy these challenges to faith are in fact themselves very often based on confused and ill-informed myths.

The teaching team for this course is led by Dr Andrew Beards and Dr Tim Walker.

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